20 Camping Hacks to Try on your Next Camping Trip

17 Sep

Camping is a great opportunity to have fun with your family and friends.  You can do a lot together, especially if you bring the best quality camping gears.  On the other hand, with bare essentials, you can be more adventurous by trying simple hacks that could make your camp life exciting and comfortable with little or no cost.  You just have to be more resourceful and imaginative.

Here are some hacks that you could try on your next camping trip.

Food hacks

  1. Put beaten eggs in a bottle to avoid cracking or breakage during transit. At breakfast time, you can make fluffy and creamy scrambled eggs.
  2. A toaster or sandwich maker is too bulky to lug. Put a few pieces of bread in foil and toss in the fire. In a few seconds, you get nice, warm bread fresh from your makeshift toaster.
  3. Putting ice in your cooler can prevent your food from getting stale or rotten. However, this may cause food to get soggy or wet. Instead of pouring ice, fill a few jugs with drinking water then freeze. Place them in your ice chest and they would keep your food at the right temperature without getting them soggy or soaked. When your ice water melts, you have clean, cool, and ready-to-drink water.
  4. If you cannot do away with seasonings, prepare single-use packs using strips of straws. Fill each strip with your favourite seasonings, then seal both ends of the straws.
  5. Avoid burning your meat by wrapping them in cabbage leaves before roasting. You’ll get juicy, delicious roasted meat without the charred taste.
  6. If you run out of kindling to start a fire, a few pieces of chips such as Fritos, Doritos, and corn chips would do the trick.

Personal hygiene and comfort hacks

  1. If you don’t want to bring to camp the whole tube of toothpaste, drop a few dots in a clean saucer and sprinkle with a little baking soda. When hard and dried, you can scrape the dots and put them in tiny Ziplock bag or a pill container.
  2. Put an extra pair of clean socks in your sleeping bag. When you’re ready to retire, put on the socks and be warm and comfortable.
  3. Use your water bottle to warm your feet on a cold camp. Fill it with hot water and wrap in towel or rag and put near your feet.
  4. If you cannot sleep without a pillow, put a few pieces of clothing or a thick towel inside your sleeping bag case. Voila! You have an instant pillow to rest your head on.
  5. If you love to camp with your special someone, why not invest in a double sleeping bag instead of buying two single ones? This way, you can get cosy and warm while saving on costs and gaining more space in your camping tent.
  6. Always bring a pack or two of baby wipes even if you are not bringing a child at camp. Besides getting your hands clean, you can use them for other purposes. Pat your face with a few wipes to cool down and feel fresh especially in a hot, sweaty camp. Wipe your whole body, not just the face, but the neck and nape, arms, hands, legs and feet. When you’re done, you will feel clean and refreshed like you took a nice, shower.
  7. In addition to your hiking shoes or boots, don’t forget your flip flops or rubber slippers. You might need a shower and you shouldn’t do it barefoot.

Other useful hacks

  1. Dry wet shoes by putting dirty clothes inside. This will absorb the moisture in them.
  2. The next time you buy bread, save the tags. You can use them as clothespins when you hang your laundry.
  3. If you cannot bring a Bluetooth speaker but would want to raise the volume on your phone, put it in a cup and you get the desired result.
  4. For added protection to your things, line your bags with heavy-duty trash bags. This way, even if it rains at the campsite and your bags get soaked, the contents inside would stay dry.
  5. Don’t throw away those cans from your tuna or corned beef hash dinner. Wash, dry and use them as candle holders.
  6. A TicTac mint container can be reused as a handy sewing kit. Put in two or more different-sized needles, thread and some pins for emergency sewing tasks. Likewise, if you are a fishing enthusiast, another container can be packed with a few yards of fishing line and some tackles if you don’t want to bring the whole fishing line reel and the tackle box. You can even use the fishing line to sew a ripped tarp or tent.
  7. Burn sage to drive away mosquitoes and other bugs away. The smell of sage smoke will act as mosquito repellent.

Whether you are a true-blue camping enthusiast, or someone who does it occasionally, you should invest in high-quality and durable camping supplies and accessories so that every trip would not only be enjoyable but safe for everyone in your group.

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