5 reasons to visit Mauritius

20 Mar

Mauritius is a magnificent gem of Africa with a great fusion of cultures. The island is home to pristine white sand beaches, thrilling wildlife, luxury villas, water sports, colonial towns and unspoilt sites of nature. Everybody will love Mauritius! Here are 5 reasons to visit right now, before everyone else will:

  1. The beaches

Credit: M Yashna

Of course, the beautiful beaches of this African tropical island are the most important reason of all. Think powdered, sugar white beaches and a glorious azure blue ocean full of rich colourful marine life. The only thing you need to think about is where to get a delicious young coconut once you get thirsty. Bring your beach hat, sunblock, a sarong, your bathers and snorkelling gear and enjoy another day in paradise!

  1. The food

Credit: Maman Voyage

Another unbeatable reason to visit Mauritius is for the exotic food! Where else will you get the interesting flavour fusion of African, Creole, Indian, French and Chinese? That’s right, the food here is unique, richly spiced and absolutely delicious! The best places to try out the delicious street food of Mauritius is at the local markets such as the big market in Port Louis, the island’s capital.

  1. The wildlife and nature

Credit: Lukas von Daeniken

Being part of Africa, the island of Mauritius is rich in wildlife and unspoilt nature and it surely is something you must see while you are there! You can go dolphin watching out at sea at Tamarind Beach, you can see giant turtles, exotic birds and when you visit the national parks such as Casela, you can even spot zebras, ostriches, tigers and you can walk with lions. Magical and thrilling at the same time! There are also cascading waterfalls to be admired, endless tea and sugarcane plantations, holy places such as the crater lake of Ganga Talao, a pilgrimage site for the Hindu’s on the island, or how about seeing the enchanting seven-coloured earth of Chamarel, a natural wonder of nature. Your mind will be blown away by all of this beauty!

  1. Luxury at an affordable price


The island of Mauritius is also home to amazing luxury stays, affordable for everyone. You can have your own private villa with an ocean front garden and a swimming pool, just for you and your friends and family to enjoy together, really spending quality time! Go chill out on the beach, see the island’s wildlife, the colourful towns, the amazing sites of nature and come home to your private luxury home where a private pool awaits, just steps away from your bed. This dream easily becomes reality in Mauritius.

  1. Thrilling outdoor activities

Lovers of outdoor activities and water sports will also see their dreams fulfilled in Mauritius. Apart from snorkelling and diving, which is truly an amazing experience all around this island, there are many more water activities to be done. How about a full-day Catamaran trip where you will be sailing the ocean, dining on-board and gazing at the breath-taking island sunset? Or, you can get the adrenaline pumping water skiing, water parachuting or skydiving. All is possible in Mauritius!

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