8 Tips for Solo Female Travelers to be Safe

19 Mar

8 Tips for Solo Female Travelers to be Safe8 Tips for Solo Female Travelers to be SafeWhenever women travel to different countries they need to make sure that they won’t be exploited in any way. Every country wouldn’t be like your country and it’d never be as safe as your country anywhere else. So we give you some tips to keep you safe while you are travelling.

Pick Culturally Correct Dresses

You need to do some research before you travel, a guide or a porter might charge you more if they get the feeling that your not from this place and they can play any kind of trick on you. So if you dress culturally correctly then they won’t try to exploit you. Avoid wearing bright dresses which might catch attention. This is not questioning your freedom, its just that it’d help you stay safer.

Beware of Strangers!

Strangers are something you should deal with carefully, if you aren’t careful then they are sure to fool you. Pickpockets and thugs might dress like a gentleman or it might even be a small kid who is asking for water, that kid might be a decoy for someone to check your backpack or to even steal your purse. So deal with strangers cautiously.

Tight Clothing

Tight Clothing is something else you should try avoiding because it catches attention and people might think your naive and may try to exploit you. There are different kinds of people in the society there are some people who don’t give respect to other people and they might even dare to poke you, so if anything of that sort happens then complain to the local police station or you should start yelling.

Research about the place your visiting.

If you are planning to go to Sudan, then research about the place correctly and make sure that you know where your staying and also get advise from people who have previously visited this place. Make sure you know where you are planning to stay and also the places you plan to visit. If some place is too risky then try not to go to that place.

Write down the Local Police Station Number.

This is something which should be done correctly, with these numbers you are safe and if ever you need help feel free to call this number because they are there to help you out in whichever situation you might be in. If somebody tries to fool you or is picking a fight with you then call the police and they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Don’t show off your money

Always be discreet with your money because people might be aiming you to rip you off or even steal your clutch or purse, so always keep in mind to keep your money safe. Don’t leave your purse open in public.

Don’t wear expensive jewellery

This is something you should avoid doing, because this is something which would trigger the ‘rich person alert’ because there are people who try to steal necklaces or even earrings, so if you really want to wear jewellery then pick some inexpensive ones which won’t attract attention.

Don’t over Drink

This is also something you should avoid, although you might be able or make friends at the local pub it won’t help you if you are too drunk, then you won’t be able to think straight and if there isn’t anyone to help you you are bound to be in trouble. Always remember that alcohol dulls your senses and if you don’t do it moderately you are more vulnerable to exploitation.

So stay safe and always be confident and you will be fine.

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