A Couples Retreat in Costa Rica

24 May

Looking to get away from it all with your new spouse? Well, www.besthoneymoondestinations.com is chock-full of trips and journeys that you will just love. From the Hawaiian islands and Fiji, to Costa Rica’s pristine beaches and national parks, there is something for everyone. Many choose to explore the eco-tourism and gorgeous splendor of Costa Rica, so let’s take an in-depth look at this couple’s adventure. It certainly won’t take long for you to realize why this small Central American country is such a hot honeymoon spot.


Get Side by Side Spa Treatments

With a luxurious Costa Rica resort such as Oxygen Jungle Villas, you and your new spouse can unwind and relax while staying inseparable. Granted, you will want to spend a lot of time with your sweetie pie, so how about a fabulous pampering session alongside your love? Oxygen Jungle Villas offers an in-house spa for guests, so you and your babe can get the A-list treatment while enjoying each other’s company. How romantic is that? It is truly like something out of a dream, but surprise – it can be real life!

A Romantic Suite for Two

Speaking of romance, your accommodations in Costa Rica will be best if they incorporate the lovely natural scenery while still remaining private and out of the way. With www.besthoneymoondestinations.com you can browse through a vast array of resort options so that you find just the right one for you and your boo. In Costa Rica, the Oxygen Jungle Villas resort is among the best because it provides ample amenities while featuring intimate settings and private bedrooms and bathrooms. They even cater to couples who want to travel and rendezvous together. Just imagine snuggling up to your spouse while lounging poolside or taking a nap in a huge cozy bed.

Date Night Every Night

Come on, this is your honeymoon and you want to pull out all the stops. Not only is Costa Rica a great destination, but it caters very well to the romantic date night ambiance. First of all, the tropical paradise is teeming with natural wonders, such as flora, fauna, and magnificent landmarks. Then turn in at your resort bedroom to catch some Zzz’s, take a late-night dip in the pool, or visit the bar and lounge for some after dinner drinks. Oxygen Jungle Villas not only has all of this, but a beautiful restaurant serving up tasty delights.

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