A guide to spending honeymoon in Phuket

30 Mar

A guide to spending honeymoon in PhuketIf you’ve been looking for a good place to spend your honeymoon, and you
arrive at a decision and if that is Phuket then its one of the most romantic
places in the world and you can enjoy this place on a tighter budget. Phuket
in Thailand offers many attractions right from blue lagoons to pink sunsets.
It’s a brilliant place where beauty resides in its true form.

Phuket has a lot of places which are tranquil and is just perfect for you
and your partner. You can’t think of a better place than this for your first
romantic tour with your partner. If you need to party, then awesome places
are available.

If you and you’re partner loves party kind of atmosphere, go to Patong, it
has beautiful beaches with clear water, but its not the water that’s the
biggest attraction but its party atmosphere with music and dancing. Paying
is just heaven with a huge number of Nightclubs, Discos and bars.

The patong beach is simple stunning, the golden sand is just awesome and
offers a bit of adventure too like Kayaking, Jet Skiing. You can also have a
leisure time by sun bathing. Patong is just an awesome place to rock with
your partner, this is just perfect for every fun loving couple.

If you love water and bays make sure you visit the Phang Nga Bay. The
scenery is just spectacular and its famous for its limestone cliffs rising
out of green water. It’s caves and lagoons add up to give you an impressive

Siam Niramit Phuket is something else you need to check out because it is
one of the most fantastic theatres available in Phuket. You’d understand it
once you’ve spent enough time in it. The theatre has a lot of seats and also
has got a pleasant feel to it. This theatre offers real traditional music,
dances and even more. So if you are looking to please your lover go for it.

Nai Harn Beach is yet another thing which is just perfect for the two of
you. The best part is that its not too crowded and there is a great view of
the sunset. The beach is clean and there are a couple of good restaurants
right beside it. The water is really crystal clear and white sand. This
place promises an awesome afternoon for you and your partner. If any of you
like to surf this place is just perfect because of the big waves.

Phromthep Cape, another great attraction in Phuket. The view from this place
is just unbelievably stunning and there is this nice monument on top. Take a
stroll at the cape and also be careful. There are a lot of statues,
especially the white Buddha statue which is needless to say just brilliant

So if you are planning a honeymoon to Phuket, then these are some of the
places which are well worth a visit. Make sure you have enough time because
rushing through your honeymoon would be a very bad idea. So good luck and
travel to Phuket.

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