A Guide to Traveling in Amsterdam

21 Mar

A Guide to Traveling in AmsterdamAmsterdam is a beautiful place set in the province of Northern Holland. Holland has been a place for travellers since decades, so tourists from around the world come to visit this brilliant place. When it comes to travel in Amsterdam there are a lot of things it has to offer like, authentic restaurants, libraries and theatres.


This is a a theatre and it is said that this place has the best concerts in the whole country and if you are a true music lover, you wouldn’t miss out on this in Amsterdam. The architecture of the building is simply magnificent and the grounds are also something to see. So go there are and you can experience a lovely performance.

Central Library

This is a luxurious and huge library for all the book lovers out there and its completely free and its a place you should visit because it is one gem of a place. Its 10 minute walk from the Centraal Station. There are quite a bit of art exhibited in the library that you can check out and also a walk around the library would be something really enchanting. So this is a good way of spending your time in Amsterdam.

Tuschinski Theater

This is another great theatre but its a cinema theatre for all the cinema lovers. This fabulous place was set up in 1921 and the design of the place is something inspiring. There’s a also a brilliant waiter service, which means you can see the movie with a glass of wine. There are also a couple of good restaurants and cafè’s out there. Movies change and if you’re lucky you will be able to see a really good movie from this historic theatre. So this is another good place to spend your time in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank House

This is a great museum and its something which is really important and also a lot of stories to be checked out behind this. This is the place where Anne frank wrote her diary during the Second World War. If you love history then check this place out cause it would help you very much. This is a place suitable for people above 15 years because they would benefit the most. The place will surely provoke thoughts out of your mind and you’d get the feeling Anne experienced in this unique place.

Emperor’s Canal

This is a perfect place for an evening or an early morning walk because the view and scenery of this place is just awesome. A to of houses and coffee shops surround this beautiful place and you would find yourself loving the place. The best way to see it would be from the way because that gives you the best view possible. This is another awesome thing to do in Amsterdam.

So we’ve listed the best places to travel in Amsterdam and all of the places listed here are a few of the best tourist spots in Amsterdam. So explore this scenic place and make the most of your travel to Amsterdam.

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