A Supersized Australian Road Trip

23 Aug

Have you ever wondered just how long it would take to drive from one end of Australia to the other? Your answer can be found in the following Infographic. It details the bold, high-speed journey from Brisbane to Perth undertaken by journalist FeannTorr in a Mazda 6 station wagon. Spanning the entire continent from coast to coast, Torr covers 4547 km in a whirlwind five-day drive undertaken on behalf of Australian car news site motoring.com.au. He manages to consume 22 cans of cola along the way, along with only 312 litres of diesel fuel. Check out how the Mazda 6 stacks up to rival station wagons and what sights he sees along the way on this supersize adventure.

Supersize Road Trip – An infographic by the team at motoring.com.au

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