A Travel Guide to Paradise Island, Bahamas

6 Oct

A Travel Guide to Paradise Island, BahamasParadise Island is a small island of Nassau, Bahamas. It is dominated by the Las Vegas-style Atlantis resort. Five miles long and less than 1 mile wide, Paradise Island is exclusively for tourists. It has different resorts, shops, restaurants and naturally beautiful beaches line the shores and the streets. It almost covers 685 acres.

Gulf Stream currents and mild winds, The Islands of The Bahamas are rewarded with a semi-tropical climate. Water temperatures range low 80s in the summer to about 74°F in midwinter.

Places to visit in Paradise Island

Paradise island has been gifted by a lots of nature’s beauty. It has elegant beaches, islands. From endless pineapple fields, white- and pink-sand beaches to quite harbours and miles of coastlines.
There are several number of must-see landmarks in Nassau such as the historic government buildings, museum, the Queen’s Staircase, Water Tower, historical forts, Gregory Arch and The Caves.

Pompey Museum:

Pompey museum is otherwise called as Vendue House; Pompey Museum has got the name of a courageous slave, Pompey, who is from The Exumas. It is built in the year 1769; it became a museum in the year of 1992.

The Retreat Gardens:

The Retreat Gardens is an 11-acre estate that has the largest private set of rare and exotic palms in the world—around 170 species. It is one of four national parks.

Historic Heritage Sites:

There are three historic villages in Bahamas; they are Gambier, Adelaide and fox hill which has been established by 1800s liberated slaves. These villages are rich in African heritage and culture.

The Legendary Blackbeard

Blackbeard (Edward Teach) mythical pirate of Nassau has a great impact in history of Nassau. The British Colonial Hilton is built on his former residence.


The Bahamas is well known for its galactic beaches. Almost there are 2,000 breath-taking beaches are present having cosmic islands and islets, having the clearest water ever seen.


Boating in Bahamas will lead you to paradise. You can’t ever imagine a magnificent journey in the water. You can watch out fish more colourful, the coral reefs are brighter

Water Sports and Diving:

The Islands of the Bahamas which have the crystal-blue water offers you an amazing dive experiences like no other destination .and you can go for any water sports in the lovely atmosphere.

How to reach Paradise Island?

Nassau & Paradise Island is reachable by mean of air and sea. You can arrive by scheduled and chartered flights at the airfield Lynden Pindling International Airport or by cruise ship to the Prince George Dock.

You can also get other means of transport such as private boat and private aircraft.

Hiring a private boat the visitor boaters must clear Customs and Immigration at the nearest Official Port of Entry. Most of the boats have fully equipped modern facilities such as cable connection, electricity, and Internet.

So just pack up!!!!! Get a ticket book to the beautiful crystal island- Paradise. Have fun with your family and get back to your city with new colourful memories.

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