Choosing the right moving company in Canada

28 May

Moving to another location is often an experience associated with stress. When you add to that the fact that you are entrusting your most valuable possessions to a moving company, the problems keep piling up. However, there is no need to get nervous and worry about everything. Instead, do your “homework” in advance as this is your key to a stress-free moving day.

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Ask for recommendations

Approaching your friends with questions or asking for the recommendations of a real estate agent is often the best way to go. Some professional association websites like, belonging to the Canadian Movers Association are also worth checking.

Once you decide on the 3 or 4 companies you would want to go with, approach them and ask for a written estimate. Remember that a company must see the stuff you intend to move before they can give you an accurate and final estimate. Stay clear of firms that will try to quote a price over the phone and will not want to see your movable property in advance.


You may also consider a Montreal moving company.

What to ask for

Ask if the employees of the company are insured and licensed, and have in mind that moving people’s possessions over long distances requires a different license. Inform yourself on whether the people who are about to move your stuff are laborers, contractors or employees. Casual workers are usually not as experienced and honest as full-time employees. If it is possible, visit the offices of the company, examine their facilities and try to determine for how long they have been in business. Do they have service-ready trucks marked with the name of the company? Do they have a professional-looking and clean office and storage facilities. Asking for references shouldn’t be overlooked either.

Identify movable items

As soon as a representative visits you, take him to a tour of your house and list all the possessions you want moved. Show him he special items that need extra care and attention like antiques, fragile mirrors or a piano. Separate the items you want the firm to move from the ones you intend to move yourself. Be informed of any obstacles to moving your possessions to your new home such as narrow hallways or stairs.

You must expect to receive a written estimate from the company listing all the items discussed so far. Such an estimate will likely include addresses (both new and old), the date and time the move should take place, value and size of possessions, the approximate number of boxes, packaging cost, the number of movers involved and how much time the procedure will take. If you are asked to pay a large portion of the cost upfront, deny the offer. The norm in the industry is to pay in full and on completion.

Don’t forget to be present as a supervisor on moving day. If everything goes as planned, try not to micro-manage everything and get in the way of movers. If you are pleased with their work, its customary to pay an additional five per cent on the cost of the move.

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