Common tourist scams to take care of in Bangkok

26 Mar

Common tourist scams to take care of in BangkokAlthough Bangkok is a good place for travel, there are a lot of touts who are looking to loot and scam every tourist. So before you plan your visit to Bangkok you should realise that Bangkok may seem an easy place to go to but trust us there are a lot of things to look out for.

Many fake guides or taxi drivers hang out near the main tourist destinations, so make sure you don’t hire any of them. Many fakes speak really good English, but don’t let that fool you. Ask for an ID and make sure you know everything about the guide before going anywhere with him.

Many of these fakes seem realistic and reliable, he acts like you’re his best friend and in the end he’ll scam you, so always be careful.

Don’t give him any idea that you have not been here previously or if you don’t know how things work, always act like you know what’s going on. If the scammer even gets the slightest hint he’ll use it to cheat you.

When hailing a taxi, make sure you ask the driver clearly if he’d drop you at the place you specified and at the start of the journey take a look at the meter and it should read 35฿ at the start. If not, his/her meter is fake and most probably he is fake too, ask the driver politely to let you out. A trip around the city should cost under 100฿.

There may be a lot of store fronts who claim to be tourist bureaus, avoid them. Gov’t does not provide any promotion or sale, so if some one claims it then avoid them.

Many of these ‘tuk tuk’ tourist guides might say that the tourist destination that you want to travel to is closed on that day, make sure you see it yourself.
These fake travel guides might trick you and take you to their own ‘sites’, which may be dangerous.

Don’t ever give your credit card to any one unless you’re too sure, because many of those fake tourist agencies make you do so and you wouldn’t even have a clue about what happens next.

Nothing Comes Free in Bangkok, so if someone is trying to make you hold on to something that he says is free, he is tricking you. Nothing ever comes free so make sure you agree on a price and if he refuses to take it back leave it on the ground and leave.

No one would help you there, make sure you know your way and you’ve got you’re own schedule and arrangement as much as possible because that would help you very much.

Avoid talking to strangers, as much as possible because many of them might be good people but we never know the wrong ones.

Eat at dignified places only, don’t just enter a roadside shop and have something.

Many tourists from around the world have been cheated just like this, so always be careful and not to make the mistakes that other people made. All these scammers are too good at what they do, so always always be strict.

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