Explore the Islands of Hawaii This Year

11 Sep

A volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii boasts beautiful shorelines, a tropical climate and a plethora of scenic landscapes, making it one ofthe top travel destinations in the world. While there are over a hundred islands in this American state, only six are inhabited by people. Most of the others serve as wildlife sanctuaries and as demonstrative evidence of Hawaii’s natural beauty, with some available to tourists by way of eco-tours that bring awareness of Hawaii’s diverse flora and fauna.


Waipio Valley

The Waipio valley is the largest of the seven valleys located on the windward slope of the Kohala hills on the coast of the Big Island. Blessed with a unique blend of high cliffs and waterfalls,this sanctuary offers a glimpse into the wilds of the natural island environment. Driving through the is not encouraged as the road leading down the slope is very narrow andsteep, but hiking serves as a superb alternative, giving visitors plenty of chances to take in their surroundings.

Hilawe Falls is also found on the Hamakua Coast ofWaipio Valley and is one of the largest waterfalls in the entire island cluster, descending over one thousand feet. Try viewing this amazing spot by helicopter to truly appreciate its spectacular presence.

Lanikai Beach

A tripto Hawaii calls for a visit to Lanikai Beach of Oahu. Stretching alongside the suburbs of Kaliua, Lanikal Beach is one of the most popular public beaches in Hawaii that stretches for a half a mile through a residential area dotted with public access pathways. Popular for surfing, this beach’s conditions are relatively constant as they are surrounded by offshore reefs that quell dangerous waves, preventing them from reaching the shoreline. Not far from the main beach, Flat Island beckons experienced swimmers and kayakers to its park and bird sanctuary.

Akaka Falls State Park

Not far from the Big Island’s city of Hilo, Akaka Falls State Park provides a sanctuary to the overwhelmed tourist. Amid a bed of tropical flowers andfoliage, Akasa Falls tumbles for almost five hundred feet down volcanic rocks. The falls can be best viewed in mid-morningwhen the bright sun reflects through the rushing water of the falls. At later times of the day, the waterfall may appear to be shaded, but beautiful nonetheless. After you watch the falls, hike through the lush forests of this beautiful tropical park.

Waimea Canyon

Kauai’s Waimea Canyon stretches more than a mile across and tells its interesting geological history spanning more than four million years from its formation from the collapse of a prehistoric volcano. From the peaks of the canyon, watch the Waimea River wind through the almost-alien landscape. The vistas arespectacular, especially in the golden hours of the late afternoon.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Situated on the Big Island,the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is one of the most breathtaking attractions in the state. The park provides several hiking trails to active visitors who wish to experience first-hand the forests of this paradise. A number of active volcanoes dot the park, and provide researchers with an active laboratory to study these amazing geological features. The most active volcano in the park, Kilauea, creates an ever-changing juxtaposition of scenery: lush forests amidst expanses of barren lava flows.

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