Find out the top 10 tourist attractions of Florida

17 Jul

If you are wondering where to spend your holiday vacation, then you need to think about Florida. There are several romantic sites in this region that will make you very happy. These sites are unforgettable and will please you and your family.

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Examples of these tourist attraction sites in Florida

1.Amelia Island

Enjoying the natural beautiful Atlantic beaches in this location will complement your vacation. It is found in the Coast of Florida. If you have your loved one, then this is the right place to spend your special time. The restaurants which are available here are of high standard and offers accommodation and breakfast to the travelers.
2. Orlando
A number of things are available in this place for tourists. This becomes a perfect place for your lover and your family members. There are classic joints in this location that will make you have a wonderful dinner with your best friends. Travelers do not fail to get to Universal theme park to have a look at the animals. Live performances are also part of this site.

3. St. Augustine historic site

If you are interested in seeing a number of things that have survived for a number of years, then you need to get to St. Augustine. There is a museum which will also form part of your plan. While in this place, you can engage in various activities like fishing, swimming and golfing. This point is also very beautiful.
4. Panama City Beach
Several activities are done around this place that favors both older and younger couples. A lot of fun is enjoyed by visitors who go to this beach. These sunny beaches also have good places for dining and entertainment. Another romantic experience here is helicopter ride.
5. Fort Lauderdale
This place is very popular in US and you should not miss it. As long as you have an ESTA, you can just get to this place. The accommodation facilities are luxurious and affordable. Visitors can hire a taxi to take them around this intricate canal system.
6. Naples.
If you are seeking some time away from your daily activities, then you can take your lover to the Gulf Pointe Resort in Naples. There are various shopping areas that may offer you several items like pottery or souvenirs to carry back home. Visitors prefer this place because of the services offered here.
7. Sarasota
This will complete your winter vacation. You should not miss the art museum which is well known in this region. White sand beaches are also found in this attraction site.
8. Miami
This is another romantic point where you can enjoy the historical attractions. A number of restaurants are also available for guests. This means that various dining options are offered.
9. St. Petersburg
Fine art is displayed in this place for visitors who love art work. This site is admirable because of its cultural nature. Do not miss this place in Florida.
10. Key west
If you love water, then you need to get to this place for your vacation for boating and fishing. As long as you have considered ESTA in your travelling checklist, you must pay a visit to US for your own pleasure.

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