Hunting The Affordable And Luxurious Hotels In Italy

12 Dec

Hunting The Affordable And Luxurious Hotels In ItalyItaly is one city that requires more than words to describe. Even a person of vivid imagination will find it difficult to make a sketch of the city in his mind. No matter what books you go through, what efforts you put in your research, you will not be able to do justice to Italy if you do not visit the place in person. The spectacular and splendour of the city can make you go weak in your knees. The famous cities like the Rome, Tuscany, Florence and Venice offers a variety of fascination to the tourists. These attractions make Italy the most favourable place to visit among the tourists and the hotels in the city welcomes thousands of commuters every year.
There is a variety of luxurious hotels in the city offering premium accommodation and making your trip to Italy, a pleasant experience. These hotels are easily affordable depending on your requirement and your budget. Find below some of the best hotels in Italy that are both affordable and luxurious;
•    Hotel Splendide Royal Rome, Rome, Italy
This 5 star rated luxury hotel is a renovated 19th century palace. The hotel gained popularity as being a colossal, regal and luxurious hotel in the city. This luxurious hotel boasts of flawless interiors, magnificent style, spacious architecture and world class amenities. It has 17 suites to go with 52 rooms providing finest accommodation making the travellers opting to stay in this hotel.
•    Aldrovandi Palace, Rome, Italy
Another 5 star luxurious hotel located between the Borghese Gallery and the Villa Borghese Gardens in the historical Rome propounds a 19th century residence converted to a splendid hotel. The is a privately managed hotel boasting of the 19th century splendour in its sumptuous fabrics and antique furniture. It caters the travellers with air conditioned rooms giving a royal view and essential amenities. It has eight conference and banquet halls for the business traveller.
•    Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay, Taormina, Sicily, Italy
Built in the year 1960, the hotel has just undergone renovation to match the standards of luxury of the world today. It has eight suites carrying all the basic amenities to provide for a comfortable stay.
•    Villa La Massa, Florence-Candeli, FI, Italy
This 16th century premium luxury got turned into a grand hotel in 1948, offering 10 suites and 37 luxurious rooms.
•    Grand Hotel Quisisana, Capri (Napoli)
It was originally a sanatorium, built in 1945. Today, the Grand Hotel Quisisana boasts of a total of 150 rooms, that includes both suites and junior suites featuring a plethora of services for the tourists.

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