Monaco Grand Prix Yachts: Deck Race Viewing

27 Nov

When researching your options for race-day viewing, consider this: There is no better luxury experience offering an incredible view than a Monaco Grand Prix Yacht. Every year, yacht options exceed the opulence of the year before them. They are a one-stop-shop for the best in hospitality, relaxation, sporting experience, and overall race day view.

Monaco Grand Prix Yachts

Monaco Grand Prix Yachts offer gorgeous harbor views on race-day — including amazing views of the entire circuit. The Birth A position for viewing offers a very special seat near the Start and Finish line. You can’t get a better seat than that!

Yachts not only offer the best viewing possible, but the best seat for the view. The gleaming, beautifully crafted, immaculate white yacht is impressive and opulent in appearance and comfort.

Another benefit of the Monaco Grand Prix Yacht experience is the appearances offered as a bonus attraction. F1 drivers visit for appearances and signing events that are both relaxed and formal.

Monaco Grand Prix Yacht service will take you from the harbor so that you can avoid all street traffic – and if you’ve been here before, you know that Monaco traffic during event weekends is worth avoiding! Personal hostesses are also on staff to greet you as you arrive and be available throughout the experience to help with anything you may want or need. With the utmost in professionalism, hostesses are assigned to help make your experience as relaxing as possible.

Attendees are served breakfast on the Monaco Yachts, along with champagne, as well as a gourmet lunch. Champagne is always available and free – and that is true the entire weekend.

All VIP Monaco Grand Prix Yacht guests are also given access to take a trip around the circuit before the day starts. This is a huge privilege – and definitely the experience of a lifetime – for race fans.

As the most opulent way to enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix, it is understandable that famous faces from around the globe have chosen the Monaco Grand Prix Yachts as their option for viewing, dining, and luxurious relaxation during the exciting events. A-list celebrities that include musicians, royals, superstars, models, and the moguls from around the world all make Monaco Yachts their first option for the best experience possible. Unbeatable hospitality, great scenery, relaxation on a beautiful yacht, and access to race day benefits that are very limited to others make for an amazing experience aboard Monaco Grand Prix Yachts during all of the amazing race festivities.

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