5 Must-do activities in Seminyak

20 Apr

If it’s your first time in on the island, chances are you will be staying in Seminyak, the chic tourist hotspot. Yes, there are plenty to see and do in Bali, so you don’t have to worry about how to spend your days. At night, as you retreat to your cosy villa in Seminyak, the question kicks in: “what can I do around here?” Fret not, Seminyak lives up to its name as the tourist district, and tourists gather there for a reason! Read on to find out what to do around your villa!

5 Must-do activities in Seminyak

  1. Indulge in daily spa and massage

Whether it’s a full-day treatment or a 45-minute fix, a massage in Seminyak will leave you refreshed and renewed. Even if you have not tried any massage session before, the sheer number of parlours can trigger your curiosity as there is one in almost every corner in Seminyak. You will be able to indulge in comfort and relaxation as the therapist work your tiredness away. Those who want to glam up with a facial spa can do so at a very affordable price. In Bali, massages in budget-friendly places can be as great as those found in high-end salons. Awesome!

  1. Go on a shopping spree

It may sound boring to spend time shopping while you are travelling, but you won’t be able to resist the temptation of Seminyak’s boutique shops. There’s something alluring about these shops that you want to enter them even though you are just strolling through the streets. There are plenty of clothes, handmade accessories, homeware shops that will surely satisfy your shopaholic needs.

  1. Check out Seminyak’s stylish restaurants

It’s easy to find cheap good food anywhere in Bali. If you plan to spend an entire day discovering Seminyak, rejoice, you will be able to try some of the best restaurants in Bali.The renowned Oberoi “Eat Street” is filled with tempting restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets.

  1. Spend time at the beach

Seminyak is also the place for a leisurely day by the beach. There are two popular beaches: Double Six and Seminyak. You will want to spend some time relaxing by the sea, listening to the sound of the waves, playing with water or soaking in the golden rays of the tropical island.

  1. Enjoy your luxury villa

There are days you just want to slow down and take it easy, sleeping in a couple of minutes more, spending more time in the opulent bathtub, swimming a few laps in the private pool or simply sipping away a cup of morning coffee. If you want, you can get a chef to prepare your meals, call in a masseur for a private in-villa massage or organise a pool party with your friends. There’s no need to rush when you holiday in Bali. It’s your time to unwind, relax and be pampered to your heart’s content.

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