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9 Mar

Keeping an eye on today’s fast-paced world, tours and vacations seem a true necessity. It has long shredded the ‘luxury’ tag ever since managing time out from their assiduous working life. And the prestigious Bluegreen Vacation Club epitomize a perfect vacation as it offers the best and most comfortable vacation plans for its members across the globe. So if you are a Bluegreen member and planning to make your next vacation perfect with Bluegreen resorts outdoors then here is some helpful information for you.

Bluegreen resort

If you are not a Bluegreen member yet, then read to know what you are missing by not acquiring membership of this international holiday club.

Ultimate Freedom, Maximum Flexibility: Bluegreen resortsoutdoors stand as synonymic to freedom and flexibility as the members can enjoy the luxury of choosing a perfect destination from a wide range of choices available to them. Different gateways at different destinations make it possible to roam around different places without sinking into the monotone of a particular spot. So whenever you have the right mood to set out for a vacation, all you need to do is book a vacation with BlueGreen. And being your own boss, you have the right to decide where to go and when to go.

Earn vacation points: You can earn your vacation at Bluegreen. Yes, they have that unique system of earning Bluegreen Vacation points by joining this biggest vacation network. When a member buys ownership of a vacation, he or she also purchases few numbers of Vacation Points one time. These Vacation Points can be used by you or you may distribute the points among your friends, colleagues or relatives who are planning a vacation somewhere else of earth. The points are redeemable anytime anywhere.

Moreover, to ensure ultimate flexibility and freedom, you can also plan a vacation out of Bluegreen’s wide network. In such cases, all you need to do is exchanging some of the points with the partner companies where you will receive another option of 3,700 resorts to choose from.

Spoilt for choice: You can plan the best holidays as Bluegreen resorts outdoors can be found almost anywhere and everywhere. Whether it’s Florida or Hawaii, our network will follow you everywhere. And if you go out of network then you have another 3.700 vacation points added on to the list. Now, you need to find a serious excuse to avoid your next vacation.

Vacation out of Bluegreen network: As told above, it’s not always necessary to book your vacation at one of the best Bluegreen resorts outdoors; you can go for something else. Bluegreen Points can be utilized to go for a resort out of your membership network. So go anywhere, see everything and do what your heart wishes.

Convenient timeshare options: If you are a Bluegreen member or owner then you have the choice to rent or sell your own timeshare. Put up your ad for timeshare and get 60% off the retail price. So it’s pretty easy and exciting for both of us.

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