Planning On A Unique Adventure In Dubai Have a Look At The Top Activities To Try

27 Feb

Dubai has quickly become one of the most sought after travel destinations of the world and it now offers a host of adventure and leisure activities to the tourists. Known popularly for its huge shopping malls, pristine beaches, ultramodern towers, and an exotic lifestyle, the city has actually become a place to unleash your riches and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experience. Despite its scorching heat, the Emirate attracts a huge influx of tourists year round who come here primarily for exploring its prestigious skylines, clear waters, and never ending luxury experiences. From indoor skiing and skydiving to mountain biking and desert safaris, Dubai offers a lot to explore in the city and you’ll definitely have one hell of an adventure should you choose to indulge in the activities the city brings you.

Here we have some of the top adventurous activities that will give you an all-unique experience while you are in Dubai and you must try these, at least, once.

1. Skydiving

Known popularly for its architectural marvels, Dubai has an expansive skyline which is full of some of the most amazing skyscrapers. You have the world’s tallest building in Dubai and the wonderful world map-shaped islands that all present a stunning view from the top. Just imagine yourself jumping from the Cessna and then hurtling towards all the attractions made from the ground up at a very high speed – that’s some adventure to experience. The skydiving adventures in Dubai usually require the jumpers to take off from Dubai Marina as they’re strapped to the instructor while jumping out of a plane right above Palm Jumeirah. The entire experience is amazing and when you’ll have the adrenaline rushing through your blood, it will make you forget everything else. You’ll only be able to relax when your parachute will open up allowing you to enjoy the sprawling beauty of this desert city.

2. Mountain Biking

Those who have the flair for biking on a tough terrain are surely going to experience this unique adventure in Dubai’s Al Hajar Mountains. Yes, Dubai isn’t just about those soft dunes in the desert, there’s a mountain range that runs through the Ras al-Khaimah and Oman offering some really difficult terrains for even the seasoned mountain bikers. There’s an organization of mountain bikers called Hot Cog which has helped with the discovery and maintenance of almost 70 kilometers route through this rocky terrain close to Showka area. The terrain encompasses narrow trails, animal paths and wadi beds offering everything you’d need for a perfect mountain biking experience. You can also expect some company here as well with wild donkeys, snakes, lizards and mountain goats running and moving around throughout the route. It’s definitely going to be a challenging experience with rough ground and steep climbs on your way.

3. Camping In The Arabian Desert

If you’ve always enjoyed camping, there are so many campsites in the Arabian desert and you’ll surely have a memorable experience spending a night in the desert. Just rent your 4×4 and gather all your camping gear before you head to the nearest dunes in the desert. If you want a recommendation, you’d be better off going on the Hatta road where Shwaib is a perfect spot nearby. Just a couple of hours drive will take you in the midst of sand dunes where you can enjoy a tasty barbeque in the evening looking at the starry sky in the desert. During your camping trip, you can also explore the mountains and the wadi beds while the next day can be spent on the 4-wheeler playing around in the dunes and enjoying sand boarding.

If you want to make the most of your desert experience in Dubai, you can count on some of the most popular companies that lead guided camp safaris into Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve – the only national park in the emirate.

So, are you ready for an enthralling adventure? Decide which of these top three activities you’d like to try first? Have fun enjoying a true adventure in the oasis


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