Russia: A Perfect Holiday Destination

8 Sep

things to do in Russia

Russia the biggest country in world in Asia continent is a perfect destination place for holidays. This country is very rich in terms of history, culture, food and also the sightseeing and ice sports. People come here every year to enjoy, to relax, to rest and to make it a perfect memory with their family and friends. Here are some places which you choose as your holiday spot if you are planning to go on a vacation in Russia.


Moscow is something which is impossible to replace by any other city of the world. Its rich history, culture and over 100 ethnic groups and nationalities make it a perfect city of world which is also responsible for one sixth of the land mass of world. Places like Kremlin, The Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Tretyakov Gallery, and Bolshoi Theatre give this city a perfect look of past and present and makes it a perfect rendezvous of history, tradition and new Soviet tastelessness. Here are some things that you must do during your Moscow visit.

  • Visiting Diamond Treasury of Russia to see precious gems and jewels.
  • Visiting Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, largest Orthodox Church in world.
  • View of panoramic Moscow from Sparrow Hills.
  • Skating to the city’s largest ice rink in Gorky Park.

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is known for its sublimity and grandeur. This is place of cathedrals, palaces and terraces. It is situated on the bank of the river Neva as the most northernmost and great city of Russia. Its lavish palaces, magnificent parks, hundreds of bridges and lots of museums make it a perfect holiday destination place of the world. Places like Hermitage, Peterhof, Scarlet Sails, Usupov Palace, Saint Issak’s Cathedral, The Drawing Bridges, Museum of Political History and Mariinsky Theatre with lots of other place to visit make this city as one of the largest tourist destination of the world. Here are some things that you can do if you are on a short visit to Saint Petersburg.

  • Visit the assignation place of Emperor of Russia Alexander II.
  • Visiting legendary Russian Naval cruiser Aurora.
  • Visiting Vyborg, a compact and walk able medieval town.
  • Climbing up 300 steps of the St. Isaac cathedral to enjoy exquisite view of city.


Sochi is the place which is perfect for the winter sports and unofficial summer capital of Russia. It is located at base of the Caucasus Mountains. Sochi is famous for its spa when you are not willing to go the beaches and or swimming in the ocean for your holidays. There are so many things to visit in the Sochi but the most visited places are its parks and waterfalls. Sochi has some magnificent parks and waterfalls like Agura and Orehovskiy waterfalls situated in Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve. Sochi also has the only and northernmost tea plantation of the world. Sochi is also the place which has been chosen for the 2014 Winter Olympics. All these assets make this place a perfect destination place for the holidays in summer if you are planning to go Russia this time.

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