Take a Legendary Trip Around the World! 3 Mythic Destinations for You to Discover

19 Sep

If you are a versatile traveler who wants to change the scenery once in a while and give the lively world capitals and sandy beaches around the globe for more challenging and mysterious destinations that were never (or little) stepped by man’s foot, you should know that there are legendary territories which are surrounded by myths and legends, mists of folklore and ancient tales that became famous over the years and still fascinate the modern man. If you are used to following maps and GPS trails, this time you should follow only your imagination and your thirst for adventure, as the next five places on Earth are the superstars of celebrated immortal stories.

3 Mythic Destinations for You to Discover

1. El Dorado

The legend surrounding El Dorado, the mysterious city of gold and gemstones is famous all around the world, being used today as a metaphor for a holy land, a holy Grail, if you like, a realm that promises the ones who venture within unimaginable fortunes. Narrowed down to Columbian territory, El Dorado attracted gold digging explores since 1500, with Spanish conquistadors traveling through the dangerous Amazonian forest, traversed the Andes and walked the wild lands of Peru, Venezuela and Guyana. Sir Walter Raleigh claimed he knew exactly where the golden city was located, but nobody found it yet. If the Indiana Jones hidden inside your heart jumps up and down at the idea of following the Southern American path to find the mysterious city, there are a lot of incredible touristic offers and tours to help you reach your goal. Or gold

2. Avalon

Who hasn’t heard about King Arthur and his knightly adventures? Who hasn’t seen at least one movie or read one book depicting this legendary king’s acts of glory, together with his magical sword, Excalibur? The Celtic legends talk about Arthur and the Round Table Knights as residing on a mysterious island of Avalon, surrounded by heavy mists, a hidden realm for the mortals’ eyes. Great Britain is not only famous for its other fascinating legend and mystery surrounding the site of Stonehenge, but also for the story of Arthur, the King that is awaited for to return, holding the mighty Excalibur in his hand. Avalon is said to be placed on modern city of Glastonbury, or underneath it, to be precise and if you take a trip to beautiful England, don’t forget to take part at the Glastonbury fairs and festivals. Maybe you won’t see Arthur with your very eyes, but at least you will blend in the legend and the fascination.

3. Shambhala

The mythical kingdom hiding in the clouds covering the Himalaya Mountains or the legendary Buddhist realm mystically residing in an alternate plane in inner Asia? Shambhala, as we all think is in Tibet somewhere is a constant source of stories, folktales and inspiration for fictional works, as it was mentioned even in some 1930 science – fiction literature pieces. The Holy Land of Buddhist teaching may be found and accesses only by the worthy, the righteous who attained the proper level and strengths of their karmas, scholars say. A more modern perspective places Shambhala in the city of Zhongdian, at the border between China and Tibet. Both countries offer incredible touristic opportunities, but if you are in the search for enlightenment, search for your inner peace and destiny in the Hidden Kingdom.

If you are in the search of other mythical and legendary realms, visit the coast of Brittany. You will hear the story of the underwater city of Ys and the legend of Dahut, who by her scandalous behavior brought destruction to the beautiful metropolis. For a warmer experience, Zanzibar in Tanzania awaits for you to speak the legends of Arabian glorious empires, exotic and opulent fortunes, beautiful women and heroic deeds. Take a walk on the wild side and take a personal quest while discovering this world’s treasures.

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