Thrill at its Best: “Haunted” Singapore

4 Sep

Thrill at its Best: “Haunted” SingaporeAre you a daredevil??? Do you love chasing Ghosts??? If thrill and paranormal activities are your cup of tea… then Singapore is the ultimate destination for you. Singapore has it everything that you need. From modernized tourist hub to old and abandoned haunted places, Singapore offers you all. The country has numerous places that have haunted stories associated with them. Spooky old and empty places that are enough to raise your hair.

Hillview Mansion

Overviewing the top of Hillview Hill, the Hillview Mansion is a popular spot for supernatural exploration. The story behind the Mansion is that, its original owner was killed in a fire, and thereafter any renovation of the house was disrupted by the lingering evil spirit of the owner. The actual Mansion was demolished in 2004 but the remaining debris, rock piles and the old Gate add more restlessness to the place.

Coloured Houses

There are three famous Coloured Houses that are identified by their colours. These are Red, Green and White House.

i) Situated at the Pasir Ris, the Red House is favorite among visitors. Story behind this house is that the house has a rocking chair with a doll sitting on it. There were also a pair of stone lions who kept staring at people, who tried to enter the house. Currently the place is empty and abandoned.

ii) The Green House is also popularly known as Hillview Mansion.

iii) White House is referred as Punggol’s Matilda House. Built by Joseph Cashin in year 1902, it is abandoned since seventies. The story holds that the White House is occupied by evil spirits and they kill anyone trying to sneak into the house. Recently new block have been built around the house and renovation is on to transform it into a Clubhouse. It is well fenced and CCTV attached.

Bukit Brown

Here, you will find the chill running down your spine. The Bukit Brown Cemetery is famous for its eerie environment. A Chinese burial place, the Bukit Brown is thought to be a place for phantoms. The phantoms hide in the trees and their screaming laugh breaks the silence of the night. The Cementry hold every spice of horror films.

Neo Tiew Estate

The deserted Neo Tiew Estate were built in 1979 and were blocked in 2002. It is currently used by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in conducting urban warfare training. The Estate was abandoned due to the vengeful banana tree spirits.

Old Changi Hospital

Built in 1935, the Old Changi Hospital was then used as a British Military Hospital. It was occupied by the Japanese Army in World War II. The Hospital was abandoned in 1997 and the patients were shifted to the New Changi general Hospital. It is rumoured that, during WWII, the Japanese used the Hospital as torture chambers and screams and shadows of the victims can be felt there. A must visit place for ghost chasers.

Changi commando Barracks

Haunted by spirits of the Prisoners-of-war during WWII, the Cahngi Commando Barracks is filled with smell of torture and starvation. Initially built for British and Australian Soldiers, there were about 15,400 boarders during WWII. After independence, it was over taken by the SAf and used as commando headquarters.

So, visit Singapore and enjoy the spine-thrilling adventure.

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