Top 10 things to do in Jamaica with kids

15 Oct

Top 10 things to do in Jamaica with kidsJamaica is one of the most kid friendly islands in the Caribbean, undoubtedly assisted by the fact that in the past decades the island has increasingly marketed itself as a family oriented holiday resort. There are so many inclusive family hotels that are equipped with babysitting services and special attractions are mini water parks and video arcades.

Vacationing with kids in Jamaica

Camel Ride and Plantation Tour:

Prospect Plantation is an agricultural property. You can see various bananas, cassava, sugar cane, coffee and various spices and many other crops here. You can also see the glorious White River Gorge, a prominent view. Jamaica’s first hydro electric power station was built by Sir Harold Mitchell.

Jeep Safari Adventure:

It’s a way to enjoy a rasping and set up trip in a zebra striped four-wheel drive. You will head west from the Montego Bay,(Negril) to the islands interior and discover the beauty with culture and history of this amazing country. You can complete your tour with a short walk along the river where you can cool off in the natural pools while discovering hidden waterfalls.

Dolphin Cove:

Swimming with dolphins is an exhilarating activity, which can be experienced to fully understand the wonder that a close encounter with these creatures incites. The kids are allowed to pet the dolphins, and enjoy the great company of the most beloved sea creatures.

Dolphin Cove Nature Trail:

The Dolphin Cove is a great nature trail with friendly snakes, birds and other foreign animals and it makes possible to carry infants, and is also great for the older children who love the friendly animals. Petting of the snakes is also allowed here.

Croydon Plantation:

It is located twenty miles inland from Montego Bay; Croydon Plantation is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.  You can travel through breathtaking, mountainous scenery, dig into a working plantation and enjoy delicious, traditional Jamaican barbeque amid.

Dunns River Falls Hike

The hike up the Dunns River falls is a must for the family that loves nature. It is a beautiful six hundred feet high waterfall that flows directly into the ocean. This is also a great way to introduce infants and toddlers to the wonder of nature.

Aqua sol theme park:

The Aqua sol Theme park is a water sports themed park located at the Walter Fletcher Beach. From wave runners to banana boat rides your kids will love the ocean and thrill of being so close to the sea creatures.

Doctors Cove Beach:

Doctors Cove beach is perfect for any ages, which has two things, a beautiful beach, and trampoline that add a magic touch to a day at the beach for the kids.

Colombus Park museum:

This is the best historical museum of Jamaica. It’s best for kids from 8 years old and up. Teenagers will also love this on Jamaica’s past.

Horseback riding in the Ocean:

It will be exciting for the whole family, and Jamaica just might be the best place to try it with the most popular Chukka Tours, and Hooves tours.

Jamaica is the third largest island of the Antilles. It’s the best Kids Friendly and a perfect family vacation place.

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