Top 4 Caribbean Vacations Spots

3 Aug

Top Caribbean Vacations Spots

Caribbean nations always have been the choice of tourists due to the natural beauty and beaches they hold. These are some of the places in Caribbean which you can pay a visit if you are fond of beaches, sea food, surfing, nature, wildlife, waterfalls, rainforests and many more. Visiting to these places will recharge you before you go back to your work and daily life and also exploring these countries will be a good experience for you for sure and also it will be memorable time you will spend with your family here and you will remember it for life time.

Here are some places where you can go with your family this weekend to enjoy the natural beauty and beaches.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda provide 365 choices of beaches foe the visitors which is truly exceptional case. With beaches Antigua and Barbuda also has some more places to explore like Nelson Dockyard, Naval museum. The beaches come lively during April for the annual sailing week of the country. This is how Antigua and Barbuda becomes first choice in Caribbean for vacations.


This country with the touch of refined sophistication, powerful surfing, soft beaches, folk music, festive and many more things is the best place to enjoy vacations with family or friends. This island has Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side and Caribbean Sea on the west side makes it a perfect place to visit. The rendezvous of Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sean on the south side of the island makes it even for heavenly place with all the luxuries and comforts provided y the hotel on beach side and in the city and it turns out to be a perfect vacation spot.


Guyana is the country situated on the cost of Atlantic Ocean. This Caribbean country is very rich as others in terms of natural beauty and beaches. Along with beaches it also offers various other places to pay visit like flat-topped mountains tepuis, amazing waterfalls, thrilling wildlife with fine hotels and restaurants as well in the capital city Georgetown. This country is also known as the Garden City of Caribbean has a colonial-era look and with many buildings and churches telling its rich history. Guyana is a perfect place to spend vacations with all these facilities.


Jamaica is one of the most prominent places in Caribbean as it provides everything to make it perfect holiday destination. Jamaica has all in it like white-sand beaches, fish-filled coral reefs, stunning waterfalls, cloud shrouded rainforests which makes it a beautiful country of Caribbean and world. Jamaica is also very rich when we talk about plant and gardens. Jamaica has over 3000 species of plants and 720 of them are visible only while travelling Jamaica. It has vast diversity in its population and the native of Jamaica are British, German, Indian, African and Chinese as well. This country has six main tourist spots which are Montego Bay, Negril, Mandeville, South Cost, Kingston, Port Antonio, and Ocho Rios. Jamaica is one of the favourite place to tourists due to all its vast culture which a makes it a perfect place to plan your holidays.

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