Top 5 Ancient Roman Sights You Should See

25 Jan

The things you should see before you die, well some of the things in that list are waiting for you in ancient capital of Italy. Rome is the best city when it comes to ancient monuments and sights. There are many ancient sites which are located near each other in the historic center of Rome, so you can visit most of them in only one day. Most of these ancient sites were updated and renovated during the 1990s so that they become more comfortable and user friendly. With so many masterpieces, it is the right place for the one who likes traveling through the history. Below is our list of the top 5 Ancient Roman Sights you should make time to see.
•    Colosseum – This huge amphitheater is the best of all monuments present in Rome. It is an important part of the glorious history of Rome, it was the place of mortal combats between the gladiators and where the prisoners of Rome where forced to fight with lions. Built in 80 AD by Emperor Vespasian, it has the capacity to hold around 55,000 people which is pretty incredible according to the time it was built in.. It is most popular tourist destination in Rome, so you may have to wait in long queue for the glimpse of it.

Top 5 Ancient Roman Sights You Should Make Time to See
•    Palatine – Rome was founded here by Romulus in753 BC and since then it has been the residence of emperors and aristocrats. Today it is among the most visited tourist spot and has several ancient sites of interest such as house of Augustus and Livia. The hill is covered with umbrella palms, green grass and dots of ancient ruins. The Palatine Museum is also the one of the attractions on the Palatine hill.
•    Pantheon – Referred to as “The Temple of Gods”, it was built in between 118-125 AD. Being the world`s largest dome until 15th century and the present largest dome that is built without reinforced concrete, it surely is the most astonishing monument built during the ancient time of Rome. It was turned into a church by Christians during the 7th century. The entrance to this spectacular dome is free of cost.
•    Piazza Navona – Originally made for chariot races and athletic contests, it was a huge stadium built in 1st century. Though it is covered with three baroque fountains and luxurious cafes all along the site. It surrounds the above mentioned Pantheon and you can visit both the sites in a day.
•    San Clemente – Home to the Mithraic temple just below it, this church was built in 4th century wit temple being built in 2nd century. Mithras is a handsome and young God that was popular during ancient Roman times. There`s much more to see in the depths of this spectacular church.
Be sure to visit all the above ancient sites, if you want to learn and feel the history of great Roman Empire. These astonishing monuments will completely amaze you and will make you wonder about the powers and architectural knowledge of the Romans.

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