Top 5 Disney Theme Parks In The World

17 Mar

  Top 5 Disney Theme Parks In The WorldEveryone loves a good time at the Disney theme park and you’d love it too, but when it comes to visiting Disney theme parks there are a couple of them out there and you need to know which is the best and which to visit. Disney theme parks are generally filled with fun rides and also funny Disney characters. So here our ‘Top 5 Disney theme parks in the world.’


This is the original Disney land, its an awesome place to visit. Basically it has all the fun things you’d love to do and also its filled with places where you can chill and also have some good food. There are star tours and the tiki room which is bound to make kids excited. So if you are a person who loves to kid around then this place has go to be your favourite tourist destination.

Tokyo DisneySea

This has go to be the best theme park in the world because its that awesomely created and staffs there are too happy to assist you and your family. The decor of the park is pretty awe inspiring and the design would make you think you are in an animated Disney movie, its just that brilliant. This has got to be the best after the original Disneyland. So if you visit Japan make sure you visit this remarkable adventure land.

Tokyo Disneyland

This is also a place you must visit if you love Delaney themed parks, because its one of the best parks out there. The classic splash mountain and also many people have fallen in love with the Tom Sawyer Island because its something worth checking out. Pooh’s Hunny Hunt is something else which is bound to make you running towards it and the rides are set cleverly and it will surely give you an exhilarating experience. The food available there is too good and if you ever get to visit the place, savour it.

Disneyland Paris

What I loved about this place is how cartoonish the castle looks and I’m not kidding, the place is just awesome not only because its a Disneyland but also because its set in a cool spot in France. Big thunder and Space Mountains make it a place visited by hundreds of people every day. The castle is the most exciting for me and the food although not especially good is worth checking out.

Disney California Adventure

I am sorry I couldn’t rate it any higher because this is also a very good theme park and its something everyone should check out in California. ‘The Cars’ themed Radiator Springs Racers and ‘Toy Story’ themed Midway Mania have made this park stand out from the lot and the place is just too awesome. So many additions have been made to this theme park in the past year so that makes it a place to check out even if you have visited it earlier.

All of the theme parks listed here are just awesome and we had a tough time picking out the best front the lot because to be honest all of them are worth a visit but according to the votes and also the people’s love towards the theme parks listed above have made them the best.

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