Top 5 Fishing Holiday Locations

27 Mar

Looking to escape the office and reconnect with nature?  Then a fishing holiday is the perfect retreat for beginner and professional fishermen alike.  To guarantee that your fishing holiday isn’t going to be a complete bust, try out one of these 5 fantastic fishing locations:

Top 5 Fishing Holiday Locations

Rio Grande, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

Calling all fly fishermen!  If fly fishing is your sport, then don’t let this exotic location get away.  Loaded with brown trout that are often well over 20lbs (and are 17% heavier than most sea trout of the same length), this gorgeous area is a perfect combination of adventure, scenery, and fishing.

But where did these fish come from?  Back in 1935, John Goodall stocked the Rio Grande with over 60,000 salmo trutta eggs from Chili.  Thanks to the nutrient rich waters provided by an estuary nearby, thees brown trout quickly found their way to the sea and began to the migrate back and forth, just like Atlantic and Pacific salmons.  Stay in one of the many fly fishing ranches and lodges that follow the path of the Rio Grande after a long successful day on the shore.

River Lochy, New Zealand

Queenstown is renowned as being the adventure capital of the world, and their fly fishing is no different.  While many would raise a curious eyebrow to the suggestion that fly fishing can be even remotely “extreme”, the fishing experience that you’ll enjoy at the River Lochy is definitely as extreme as it’ll get.  Pack your fishing rods and tackle, and venture out via helicopter or boat across the Lake Wakatipu where you’ll then find some of the biggest trout known to man in these crystal clear waters.

Lake of the Woods, United States

This lake lies right on the border between Canada and the United States, and it offers some of the best trophy walleye that you’ll ever find.  Ask any fisherman who’s cast his rod in this area will tell you, it is quite possible for novice fishermen to grab an IGFA World Record here.

If winter fishing doesn’t give you the shivers, then this is the place to go.  Ice fishing is all the rage, and you’ll be in the good company of several other experienced ice fishermen.  Ice shanties sprinkle the shorelines during the winter months, though if you’re looking for a touch more comfort, then hit one of the several resorts in the area as well.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

No, this isn’t just a spring break hot spot for college kids; it’s also a dream fishing destination for fishermen from around the globe!  Boasting more than 3000 species of different marine life, fishermen can reel in a number of different types of fish, ranging from wahoo to sierra to yellowfin tuna.  But what Cabo is best known for is their Marlin.  As with most areas, there is a strict catch and release policy, but you can still bring your haul in to port to brag before sending the fish back out to the wild.

Capetown, South Africa

Home to some of the best safaris and nightlife known to man, Capetown is also a fantastic place to fish.  You can go all out on a big game sports fishing trek, or you can do was the locals do and fish from the shore.  You’ll be reeling in some unique types of fish that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else on the planet, such as snoek and boggems.  Cook up your catch and you’ll be sure to enjoy the different yet delightful taste that these fish offer.

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