Top 5 tourist places in Brazil

5 Mar

There is no doubt that Brazil is a very big country with great natural beauty. It is also a country with people having very vast cultural as well as ethical diversity. The heritage of the people is celebrated with vibrant celebration as art in the historical as well as urban cities. Brazil also has a lot of tourist places that are worth a visit once a lifetime. We have brought to you best 5 tourist places that you must visit if your are visiting Brazil:


Top 5 tourist places in Brazil
Christ the Redeemer

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Brazil as well as of the world. It is a statue of Jesus Christ which is located in the city of Rio de Janerio. The statue is 98 feet tall and white in color. It is considered as the second biggest Deco Sculpture in the whole world. The statue is situated at the top of the Corcovado hill and has now become the icon of this famous city. The sculpture is made up of soapstone and concrete and is one of the finest sculptures made by the hands of man.
Iguazu Falls

The falls are among the most beautiful and great natural wonders of the world. The falls are present on the border of two countries, i.e. Argentina and Brazil. Iguazu Falls is made up of many 275 different waterfalls. The most impressive waterfall among all the other is Devil’s throat which is a U shaped fall having a height of 82 meters. There is a long walkway on the side of the falls that runs along the canyon and having an extension to the base of Devil’s Throat.
Sugarloaf Mountain

You can find the top of the mountain in the city of Rio de Jenerio. The mountain present at the Guanabara Bay mouth and has the height of 396 feet. The shape of the mountain is like a sugar refined bread but made up of concrete. It acts as a landmark for most of the visitors in finding the way to the Guanabara Bay. Cable car is used by the tourists to reach the top of the mountain.
Amazon River

Amazon River is the second largest river of the world and biggest when we take into consideration the volume. The river is very rich in fish species and has more than 3000 known species in it. The river flows cutting the one of the most dense and biggest forest of the world, i.e. Amazon forest. The forest has more than 10 million species that has been identified and many which are still not found. The tour is basically boating upstream the rives and enjoying the nature.
Rio Carnival

Carnival celebration happens all over the country and each and every corner of the country. But the biggest and the most famous one is Rio Carnival which occurs in Rio de Jenerio. The carnival attracts almost 2 million people every day on the streets of the city and millions of foreigners also in the 4 day celebration. The celebration happens all over the places of the city like bars, clubs, squares etc. and is one of the most popular festivals all over the world.

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