Top 5 Traveller Friendly Destinations in Asia

1 Mar

Top 5 Traveller Friendly Destinations in AsiaThere are a whole lot of places in Asia that are tourist destinations but to find the best place for you and your family is just a hard thing to do but we’ve compiled a list of places that might give you the best tourist experience in Asia. Asia has a lot of great tourist places which are worth a visit or even more. Asia has got it all when it comes to vacations, beaches, monuments, forests and even more.

Beijing, China

It was the place in which the Olympics were conducted in 2008 and it was a stunning event which won’t be forgotten but its awesome in tourism as well.
There are places known as Summer Palace,  The forbidden city, The Temple of Heaven. These are places which you would love to visit and its something you and your family would love. It’s a traveller’s choice sort of place so there is no question of you not enjoying its beauty.

Chiang Mai, Thailand.

There are many things you need to look out for in Chiang Mai because its got on of the worlds best food and also their chefs are just brilliant. There are historic sights which would remain in your mind forever and these things would take you on a wild, awesome trip in Chiang Mai and its not something you might wanna miss.

Male, Maldives

This is also another beautiful place which your family would love. The things are cheap so its a budget vacation kind of place. There are authentic local markets which needs to be visited if you love shopping. There a narrow streets and high rises and you might forget all your worries in Male’s winding lanes. The people of this place are good and helpful so you’d have a great time at this place.

Goa, India

Thousands of tourists from around the world visit this place and you know Goa is just too awesome. It is known as the land of beaches because the sea there is just lovely and there are beaches which would easily make the top 10 beaches in the word. The food is just awesome and the best thing to do would be to wallow in the water and enjoy yourself and also there are a number of casinos where you can visit and who knows you might just win something.

Hong Kong, China

It is an awesome place if you are an adventure lover. This huge city is sure to amaze you to a considerable extent. There are skyscrapers touching the sky and the city is pretty big and the food is great and the place is filled with beautiful travel destinations which are just awesome, so don’t forget to enjoy with your family because they’d love the trip because Hong Kong has got everything for every kind of people, from toddlers to Grandpas. This is just an awesome place to go to and enjoy.

So this ends out list of the best traveller friendly places in Asia. These places would amaze you I’m sure. These places is sure to rock you to your core. Plan ahead and make the trip as economical as possible

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