Top 7 things to do in South Africa

13 Apr

South Africa is a beautiful country with its rich history and culture. South Africa has its fair share of attractions and beautiful tourist destinations. South Africa is full of surprises, it has wildlife, museums, beaches, national parks, wine cellars, beaches and lot more to make every tourist happy. So if you ever get a chance to visit South Africa, don’t waste it. So here are our top 7 things to do in South Africa.
Top 7 things to do in South Africa
1.Ride An Ostrich in Oudtshoorn

Riding an ostrich is not something easy, its something which needs a lot of courage and confidence. There are a lot of professionals out there but most of the tourists have no idea about this. In this place called Oudtshoorn amateurs are allowed to try riding an ostrich. This is a semi desert area, which you could use to master the art of Ostrich riding. There are also ostrich races, so everything is really exciting out here. There are some restaurants which would serve ostrich meat, so this is a great thing to do in South Africa.

2.Visit the Apartheid Museum

Apartheid museum is something which you shouldn’t miss in South Africa. This museum shows the visitors the struggles and oppressions they faced.
Museum is sure to touch your heart as they use a variety of mediums to portray the life of the people who suffered because of the inhuman philosophy of the apartheid. This is one of the most important museum in South Africa. This museum accounts of the struggle towards the democracy. So if you visit South Africa, then this museum is something you should not miss in S.A.

3.Visit the Boulders Beach

This beach about 3 km from Simon’s Town is a beach with its unique sandy coves and a number of big boulders. This beach has over 3,000 penguins, but the stink is something you’d avoid if you go too near. This place also has a few good places for accommodation and also a few restaurants for excellent food.

4.Go for a Safari, with Spa treatment.

There are a lot of good safari in this luxurious tourist destination. Many of the hotels and game lodges offer special spa treatment for its guests. The spa treatment would be something really relaxing. This treatment would rejuvenate you for your next safari or game drive.

5.Visit the Lion Park

This lion park situated about 45 mins away from Johannesburg, is something really interesting for people of all age groups. You can spend any amount of time in the park, if you have the time. Guides are available to help you, and park also offers mini game drives. The park also gives you an exciting option of petting a lion cub, so that’s something really awesome. So if you’re in Johannesburg, S.A you wouldn’t want to miss this.

6.Play golf at Jack Nicklaus

If you love golf then you should probably try this golf links out, because it won’t disappoint you. There are excellent facilities available for everyone and using a buggy would help if you are not interested in time consuming long walks. The price for playing is reasonable and the staff is really friendly. The place itself is something to see because of the luxurious surroundings.

7.Visit the Castle Of Good Hope

This is the longest standing colonial structure in the country. Its something which everyone should check out. This was a mighty castle back in the day and its still preserved beautifully. This structure is historically significant so if you are in South Africa you wouldn’t want to miss this.

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