Top 8 things to do in Dubai

28 Mar

Top 8 things to do in DubaiDubai is a beautiful place and its a land of opportunities and in the last
few decades Dubai has become a huge city with a lot of tourist attractions.
Thousands of travellers from all over the world come to Dubai to enjoy its
beauty and culture. So we present you with the ‘Top 8 Things To Do In

The Dubai Fountain

This is a truly marvellous fountain and its beautifully choreographed. It’s
close to the Burj Al Arab and its quite a sight to see. Make sure you take a
good seat and also find out the timing of the fountain before you go. The
entrance to the fountain is throughout the Dubai Mall.

The Desert Safari

This is something that you can happily look forward to and remember because
this is a really awesome experience. It’s thrilling and exhilarating, you’d
be taken in an SUV into the desert and the vehicle would jump and rock and
roll through the desert sand. It’s something really exciting.

Dolphin Bay

This is another great attraction in Dubai because this dolphin bay is one of
the biggest dolphin habitats in the world. If you are a dolphin lover then
you should definitely check this out.

Burj Khalifa

This is the one of the world’s tallest building right here in Dubai. This is
a really awesome towering structure and you should visit this if you’re in
Dubai. There is a an entrance fees of 100 AED and that sight from above is
just too good. So make sure you check out Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Ski Dubai

This is another splendid thing to do in Dubai. If you love ice, then check
this ice rink out in Dubai Mall, there is a small entrance fee and you can
ice skate to your heart’s content. This would be a delightful experience for
all the young people. So do check the Ski Dubai out.

Bur Dubai Abra Dock

This is a nice calm place for you to spend your evenings in Dubai and make
the most of it by taking a boat ride to the other side. It will be a really
good experience if you could do that, especially as you can step out of the
busyness and fast Dubai.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

This would be a great activity for all the young and elders alike. This
aquarium is pretty large and there is a chance for you to enter the
underwater zoo in which you’d be taken inside the aquarium through a tunnel
like entrance and you can see all the fishes swimming right beside you from


This is a magnificent building, not only because of its unique design but
also because of the fact that it is located in the midst of the Arabian Sea.
It is close to the beach area and make sure you book your tickets well in
advance because its quite a busy place, filled with tourists.

So we’ve compiled the ‘Top 8 things to do in Dubai’ and we’re sure you’d
enjoy it throughly because these exciting things would provide you with one
of the best travel experience you ever had.

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