Top Beaches in Jamaica

30 Jul

Top Beaches in JamaicaJamaica is a beautiful island. The country is beautifully situated in Caribbean Sea. It has hundreds of meters of coastline. The beaches are a great way to get a glimpse of sea life. It is a perfect place for holidaying. The best part of Jamaica is that tourism is very convenient. Jamaica has a rich culture which visitors can experience by mingling with local people. Although there are many beaches but some famous ones are discussed below. Jamaica is a good place for family get together. It has world’s best beaches. The beaches are pristine and the sapphire colored ocean looks like heaven.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is second largest city in Jamaica. This beach is a very popular tourist destination. It has inbound tourism and tourist from all around the world visit. Many wealthy people as well as college students flock here to get a glimpse of beach life. The main area in Montego Bay is Gloucester Avenue near waterfront. Here the best known beach is Doctor’s cave. The area is a small beach which winds a bay. The beach is ideal for sun-bathing as it is protected from fierce winds. The color of water is light blue. There is a small admission fee and visitors area allowed to enter.

Ocho Rios

This beautiful beach is in northern coast of Jamaica. It has metamorphosed form village to shelter many famous resorts like Sunset Grande and Sandals. Every year lots of people from across the globe come to this beach from cruise liners. Famous beaches here are Mallard beach and Turtle beach. Here the famous James Bond beach can be found. The place is ideal for scuba diving. The beach is mostly famous for its dolphins. The visitors can stay in resort though there are many rest rooms here. Another very famous beach is the Duns river beach. This beach is located below Duns river waterfall.


This is best beach of Jamaica. This beach has become famous because of its hippie culture in 1960. Subsequently the beach was renovated and many changes were bought to it. The beach is accessible after paying a small amount. The beach has many visitors because it has world’s best coral reefs. Snorkeling and scuba diving is a famous sport for visitors. There are many resorts and they have been limited to Hanover in north and Westmorland in south. This step has been taken to preserve the natural beauty of Jamaica. Sunbathing is very common here. It is though not a place for family vacation.

Treasure Beach

This beach is mostly deserted and this is the beach to go if, you have in mind to mix with real Jamaicans. The tribes of this beach get its livelihood from fishing and tourism. The Jakes hotel which is in island Outpost chain is found here. This is best place for holidaying. Here nightclubs, resorts and caves are found.

Boston Bay beach

Boston Bay beach is located in Antonio Island. The beach is somewhat not very famous. It is good for surfing. Both local tourist and foreigners visit the beach. Many Jamaicans finds this beach convenient place for cultural exchange. Truly this beach is good for adventurous sports.

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