Travel To The Middle East

12 Apr

Middle East travel is fascinating, and tourism in the countries throughout the Middle East has risen in the last year.  The historical and inspirational attractions of the countries situated in the Middle East are extraordinary, and the traditional food and cuisine is remarkable. Many people are surprised by the region’s diversity when travelling through. The people in the Middle East live by rich culture and traditions which make them welcoming, approachable and pleasant towards tourism.


Turkey is a country in the Middle East that is not only breath-taking for travel but is also really safe. Istanbul is the perfect city to explore; with the famous Aya Sofya and the Blue Mosque. It has a really arty and creative feel to the city. There are also many off-the-map regions to explore with traditional town markets, and then there’s the local cuisine;which is certainly something else! You can find yourself in a little Turkish restaurant and suddenly be sitting a 15-course lunch. The way of dining is to pick from multiple dishes and experience the different flavours of them all.

Istanbul is a mix of modern and historic, with some areas beingfull of beautiful architecture giving it a trendy feel,while other regions are filled with historic buildings and ruins and have more of a traditional feel. You can be sure to find locals selling spices, cheese, meat, and nuts everywhere you go, it’s a taste of the culture, and all of the traditional food gratifies every one of your senses.

Another must-see destination in Turkey is Cappadocia (Goreme). Every morning between 5 and 6am, they fly hot air balloons; so whether you’re on one, or up early enough to see them from the ground, it truly is a spectacular sight. The experience on one of these simply cannot be described in words.  Catching the beauty of the Turkish sunrise is captivating, and the historical guide with your balloon piolet is fascinating.  This town is also known for its unusual natural rock formations, also known as fair chimneys; a very small town with regular bus services to nearby larger towns.


The next country you ought to explore in the Middle East is Dubai; it is famous for its huge shopping malls, sky-rise buildings, and islands made by man. It is populated by many people from India, America, and the UK, as well as native citizens. The top attraction in Dubai has to be The Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building. It supplies you with impressive views of Dubai and its surroundings. If you’re looking for something a bit closer to the ground, you can take a wooden water taxi over the Dubai Creek. This has a really cultured feel, and although most of Dubai is contemporary, this is one of the few things you can do there to get a traditional feel.

You can also head out on the sand in a 4×4 to explore the desert in Dubai. Once out in the sand dunes, you can take a bumpy ride on a camel. Although slightly bouncy, it’s great fun and definitely an experience you will remember. Some safari rides also provide you with a show and a dinner in the middle of the desert, a location that simply cannot be replicated. There are loads of things to do in the Dubai desert, and it escapes from the city surroundings to give your trip a little diversity.

It is,of course, important to take precautions before travelling to the Middle East such as not trusting someone you’ve just met and not drinking too much. However, these precautions should be taken when travelling to any country, not just the Middle East. You should check the time of year you are travelling and what that culture participates in during that period. For example,travelling in the Middle East during Ramadan means many aspects of day-to-day life are different during this holiday. Even countries like Dubai are affected by Ramadan, and there are certain things to keep in mind when travelling to Dubai during Ramadan.If you’re looking to provide a helping hand in the Middle East, you can find various ways to help including donating to a charity in Syria and other various locations.

The Middle East is a fantastic place to discover different cultures and regions. The locals are caring and kind towards each other and welcome tourists with open arms.


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