Traveling Germany With Family

15 Sep

things to do in Germany

Germany is a very beautiful European country id known of its panoramic views, landscapes, history and culture which makes it a perfect destination place for holidays. You can see some of the best places of Europe while travelling Germany. Here are some places we are suggesting you to go while you are on Germany tour with your friends and family.


The capital city of Germany has everything in it which must there at a holiday destination. Berlin consists of thousand of museum, restaurants, parks and music venues where you can enjoy and you time will be the memorable. Visit to infamous Berlin Wall is a must do thing on visit to Berlin. Museums like Topography of Terror, Museum Island are also very famous part of the Berlin visit.


Hamburg is the second largest city of Germany and largest port city of the country. Position of Hamburg on the river Elbe connects it to northern Europe and rest of the world. It is a medieval city with some new generation features and architects including the skyline of St. Michael’s Tower. Walk to old Speicherastdt will fulfil you desires of eating and shopping. Here you can enjoy the night life of Europe in best way.


Munich is one of the most famous cities of the Germany. Munich is very rich in terms of tradition, history, and ancient blend of splendour and culture of bravery. This city is located on the cost of the Isar River. This city was destroyed more than 70 percent during the time of World War II, but since then it has shown magnificent recovery and also carefully restores the goth truth of past. Here you can also explore the history of World War II in city’s various museums and also this city takes care of your food, shopping and night life as it has some good restaurants and shops as well.


Cologne is the oldest town in country established in 50 A.D., still young at its heart. Cologne Cathedral the famous church of the city lures almost 6 million visitors per year. It is also the upcoming media city of the Germany. It also has some more places to visit like 900 year old Town Hall and Chocolate Museum which makes it a good choice to pay a visit while you are travelling in Germany on vacations with your family or friends.

Frankfurt and the Black Forest

Frankfurt is the financial and business capital of Germany is none less than other cities of the country in terms of history, architecture, museums and events. Frankfurt visit makes your Germany tour memorable as visiting its churches, museums and galleries gives splendid experience to you. On the other hand Black Forest is the enormous natural reserve of the Germany with the dimensions of 200 km long and 60 km wide. It has been referred as the home of lakes, parks, rivers and nature of the Germany. You can also visit Freiburg the town with hidden lanes and streets will complete you Germany holiday vacations.

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