Unexpected and Unusual Places in India Teaching Greatest Lessons of Life

8 Oct

Traveling to India can be a life-changing experience. Frustrated by the unrewarding lifestyle, you may come across some expected places and journeys in the country that would enrich your perspective about important aspects of life. Are your ready to rediscover some exciting and few hard-hitting lessons of life? Learn about the most unusual places in India to make it possible.

Rishikesh – The Peace Lies Within

Rishikesh – The Peace Lies Within


The Yoga Capital of the World, Rishikesh is a picturesque town on the bank of River Ganga. Spend a week or more at one of its ashrams, learning the importance of yoga and meditation to find peace that remains hidden inside. Here, you would follow a strict daily routine, eat simple vegetarian food and expose your mind, body and soul to the overwhelming spirituality. The best time to visit Rishikesh would be October-March. It is located in Uttarakhand and accessible by road and rail. Nearest Airport is Delhi International Airport from which once can book Delhi to Rishikesh Taxi to enjoy the Himalayan beauty en-route.


Mawlynnong – Cleanliness is Easy to Achieve



A small village in the remote region of Northeast India attains the status of being Asia’s Cleanest Village. That’s Mawlynnong, deservingly counted among the unusual travel destinations India. From the tribal huts to guesthouses and watchtowers, everything is made of bamboo, surrounded by beautiful flower gardens and spotless clean. Residents have placed bamboo baskets everywhere to ensure cleanliness. Located in Meghalaya, the place is accessible by road from the nearest airport at Shillong. It is a year-round destination.

Roopkund Lake – Life May End Anytime



The picturesque Roopkund Lake in the higher reaches of Himalayas is better known as the Mystery Lake. Why? A large number of human skeletons scattered around the lake’s periphery with no known cause of death attract flocks of tourists to this place. The message is loud and clear that live your life to the fullest before the death overpowers. Definitely among the strange places of India, Roopkund is accessible by an arduous trek (best time May-June or September-October). It is in Uttarakhand and the base camps can be reached by road from Kathgodam Railway Station or Pantnagar Airport.


Key Monastery – Simple Living High Thinking

Key Monastery



Travel to Key Monastery in the splendid Spiti Valley and you would experience life without urban mess, mobile phones and stressful lifestyle. The Buddhist monks who reside here lead a simple life which is definitely more charming than the chaotic city life. Feast your eyes on the rugged mountains and a meandering river and feel the calmness building inside. It is in Himachal Pradesh and best visited during May-October. You can access it by road from Shimla or Manali, the popular hill stations.


New Lucky Restaurant Life and Death Go in Parallel

New Lucky Restaurant


New Lucky Restaurant- Feasting with the Deads Laying Down Quietly by Your Side


How about enjoying your dinner in a cemetery? If you happen to visit the cultural city of Ahmedabad, pay a visit to New Lucky Restaurant which is often listed among the 10 interesting places in India. Here, the living guests are surrounded by the dead ones sleeping peacefully inside the graves. You may visit the place round the year. Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat is easily accessible by road, rail and air. What next? Immediate trip you can make after this is to Mt.Abu, which is easily accessibly on road through Ahmedabad to Mt.Abu taxi services.

Plan one of these unusual holidays India as it may prove as a valuable encounter with unpredictable life.



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