Why Visit Barcelona?

18 Dec

Barcelona, the home of Gaudi and the capital of the autonomous region Catalonia is an excellent choice for a long weekend. In fact it is a great choice for a much longer holiday too.

Cities by the beach are a brilliant choice fora break in the sun. They have the excitingbuzz of a busy metropolitan city, but instead of the stress and chaos they are full of easy-going, beach loving citizens. As a result you get the perfect combination of culture and relaxation, to ensure that you can get the most out of your trip.

Why Visit Barcelona?

A day in the City

Barcelona is a city steeped in history, according to some it was founded by the mythical Hercules and, having been a world renowned cultural centre, today it is one of Europe’s buzziest cities.  With many museums, traditional restaurants, bars and clubs to keep you entertained, why not follow our guide for a day’s adventure in this fascinating city.

Begin by stepping into the Gothic Quarter and you are immersed in beautiful architecture. You will feel as if you have been transported back in time with many of the buildings in this neighbourhood dating back to Roman and medieval times. Next, enjoy the view in a ride up the cable car on your way to the exceptional Miró Museum, the Foundation built in 1968 with the aim of encouraging young artists to experiment and push the boundaries of their work, it holds a brilliant collection of works by Joan Miró and various other artists. Follow this up with a visit to theParcGuell. Designed by the Catalan architect AntoniGaudíit took an astonishing fourteen years to build, with the first stone being laid in 1900 and the final one in 1914.

Of course no visit to this awe inspiring city is complete without a wonder down Las Ramblas, A tourist hub, with plenty of shops, restaurants and stalls, you should be warned to be careful at night as there are A LOT of pickpockets.

After a day’s sightseeing  indulge in traditional Spanish cuisine at Can TraviNou.  Situated in a stunning location with great food and entertainment, I highly recommend the Supreme turbot grilled with onion and fennel compote.

Follow this by rewarding yourself with a visit to a classic Catalan bar such as Andu, serving you excellent cocktails and nibbles in a truly authentic bar. Of course this is a city that never sleeps, so party into the early hours atLa Terrazza, a popular open-air club on the mountain of Montjuic in Barcelona

Chill out on the beach
Contrast the bright lights of Spain’s second biggest city with the tranquil surroundings of some of the finest beaches.  Barcelona can cater to your classic beach holiday, consisting of tanning, reading, swimming, eating and drinking.

Take a good book and relax on Barceloneta Beach, an often busy but beautiful beach with great restaurants nearby. I recommend that you check out Santa Marta a great beach bar which is a huge hit with the young locals, where you can grab a tasty bite by the beach.Few people watching experiences match viewing the trendy Barcelona girls and boys skateboarding throughout the city, perhaps you fancy learning a new skill? In which case grab a skateboard and get involved.

Few modern music and art experiences come close to Barcelona’s fantastic Sonar Festival. I would highly advise booking tickets for thisyearly summer music festival. Another great suggestion is to have a fun night inBarcelona’s outdoor Mac Arena Beach club; a favourite amongst locals and tourists.

Final Tip!

Do not forget your camera! There will be ample opportunity for some very cool snaps.

By choosing Barcelona as your next holiday destination you will be getting the ultimate combination of culture, relaxation and fun!

This article was written by Rebecca Mond on behalf of FHR.  FHR specialise in Airport Parking and Airport Hotels.

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